Memorandum to Client: Funding and Administering Third-Party Special Needs Trust (Pennsylvania)

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This legal template provides a detailed memorandum to a client in Pennsylvania regarding the establishment and management of a third-party special needs trust. The document covers essential information and guidance related to funding and administration of this type of trust, which is specifically designed to support individuals with disabilities while preserving their eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income.

The memorandum begins by explaining the purpose and importance of a third-party special needs trust as a means to safeguard the financial security and well-being of the beneficiary. It elucidates the legal framework surrounding these trusts in Pennsylvania and how they comply with federal and state laws governing public benefits.

The template outlines the necessary requirements for funding the trust, including identifying suitable assets or funds to be placed under the trust's control. It provides recommendations on different funding options, such as life insurance policies, real estate, investments, or cash contributions from family members, friends, or charitable organizations. The memorandum emphasizes the significance of ensuring compliance with specific guidelines to prevent jeopardizing the beneficiary's eligibility for government assistance programs.

Additionally, the document covers the administration aspects of the special needs trust, detailing the roles and responsibilities of the trustee appointed to oversee the fund. It discusses the trustee's duty to manage the trust's assets prudently, meet reporting requirements, make disbursements for the beneficiary's supplemental needs, and protect the trust's longevity.

Furthermore, the template includes relevant legal considerations and provisions that must be included in the trust agreement, such as stipulations on permissible uses of the trust funds, successor trustees, termination clauses, and plans for potential future changes in beneficiary circumstances.

By providing comprehensive information, guidance, and resources specific to Pennsylvania, this legal template serves as a valuable tool for clients seeking to establish and effectively manage a third-party special needs trust.
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