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The Solicitation Agreement (Genie AI) is a legal template that outlines the terms and conditions between two parties, typically a business or individual (the "Purchaser") and an artificial intelligence technology provider (the "Genie AI"). This agreement governs the solicitation services provided by Genie AI, which utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and technology to generate leads, initiate communication, and facilitate sales or business development activities.

The template covers various important aspects such as the scope and limitations of the solicitation services, payment terms, intellectual property rights, confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations, indemnification, and liability. It also addresses important issues related to data protection and privacy, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

The Solicitation Agreement (Genie AI) serves as a legally binding contract that protects the interests of both parties involved. By using this template, the Purchaser can clearly establish their expectations regarding the services to be provided by Genie AI, while Genie AI can ensure clarity on their responsibilities and limitations. Whether it's a one-time solicitation campaign or an ongoing partnership, this agreement helps foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the Purchaser and Genie AI, promoting trust and transparency throughout their engagement.
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