30-Day Notice to Terminate (Breach of Statutory Duties) (Residential Evictions) (Ohio)

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The legal template of "30-Day Notice to Terminate (Breach of Statutory Duties) (Residential Evictions) (Ohio) under USA law" is a document that serves as a formal notification from a landlord to a tenant in the state of Ohio regarding the termination of their residential lease agreement. This template specifically addresses situations where the tenant has violated their statutory duties, which typically involve obligations outlined by state or federal laws.

The notice provides the tenant with 30 days to rectify the specified breach of duty or vacate the premises. It is important to note that the breach of duty mentioned in this template could refer to a wide range of violations, such as failure to pay rent, unauthorized subletting, engaging in prohibited activities within the rental property, or any other wrongdoing outlined by relevant statutes.

The purpose of this template is to ensure compliance with Ohio's laws on residential evictions while allowing the tenant an opportunity to correct their breach of duty. By providing this official notice, the landlord aims to protect their rights, maintain the integrity of the lease agreement, and enforce the appropriate consequences in case the tenant fails to remedy the violation within the stipulated 30-day period.

It is crucial to consult with legal professionals or seek professional advice to fully adapt this template to the specific circumstances of a particular eviction case. This template should be applied within the framework of United States law, specifically tailored to Ohio's regulations regarding residential tenancies, to ensure its legality and effectiveness in the eviction process.
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