Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant (California)

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The Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant (California) legal template is a document that pertains to the laws of the United States, specifically within the state of California. This template is used in legal procedures to certify the death of a joint tenant in a property or real estate ownership scenario. When a joint tenant passes away, their share or portion of the property needs to be legally addressed and transferred to the surviving tenant(s) or designated beneficiary, typically without the need for a probate process. The Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant serves as a notarized declaration stating the deceased joint tenant's name, date of death, property information, and details regarding the surviving tenant(s) or beneficiary. This legally binding affidavit helps streamline the transfer of ownership and provides a recognized and accepted document within the state of California, in accordance with relevant USA laws.
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