Appointment of Successor Trustee for Irrevocable Trust (New York)

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This legal template pertains to the appointment of a successor trustee for an Irrevocable Trust in the state of New York, under the jurisdiction of the United States. An Irrevocable Trust is a legally binding arrangement created by an individual (referred to as the Grantor) to manage and distribute their assets to designated beneficiaries. This template outlines the process and requirements for appointing a successor trustee in the event that the originally designated trustee is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties. The successor trustee assumes the responsibility of managing and administering the trust, ensuring that the intentions and objectives of the Grantor are carried out in accordance with the trust document and applicable laws. The template will likely include provisions for the Grantor to specify the qualifications, eligibility criteria, and instructions for the appointment of a successor trustee, as well as any necessary legal documentation and formalities required under New York law and the specific trust instrument.
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