Appointment of Successor Trustee For Revocable Trust: Settlor is Not Outgoing Trustee

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This legal template pertains to the appointment of a successor trustee for a revocable trust, wherein the individual who established the trust (known as the settlor) is not able to continue serving as the trustee due to various circumstances under the laws of the United States.

A revocable trust, also commonly referred to as a living trust, is a legal arrangement where a person (the settlor) transfers their assets into a trust during their lifetime, with the trust being managed and controlled for their benefit. The settlor usually acts as the initial trustee and retains the ability to amend or revoke the trust as they see fit.

However, situations may arise where the settlor can no longer serve as the trustee due to reasons such as incapacity, illness, or their passing away. In such cases, a successor trustee needs to be appointed to assume responsibility for managing and distributing the assets in accordance with the instructions outlined in the trust.

This particular legal template specifically addresses the scenario where the settlor, for reasons not specified, is unable to fulfill their role as the trustee. It provides a template or framework to legally designate a new successor trustee, following the requirements and guidelines set forth by the laws governing trusts in the United States.

The appointment of a new trustee must comply with relevant legal provisions, especially those specific to revocable trusts, ensuring a smooth transition in the administration and management of the trust assets. By utilizing this template, the settlor can provide clear instructions as to who should serve as the successor trustee and outline any specific conditions or limitations they wish to impose on the new trustee's role.

This legal template helps the settlor establish the appointment of a successor trustee while complying with the laws and regulations applicable to revocable trusts, offering a formal and legally recognized method to ensure the continued effectiveness and proper management of their trust when they are no longer able to fulfill the trustee role themselves.
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