Appointment of Successor Trustee for Revocable Trust: Settlor is Not Outgoing Trustee (New Jersey)

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This legal template addresses the appointment of a successor trustee for a revocable trust in the state of New Jersey, in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. The revocable trust document has been established by the settlor (the person setting up the trust), who is not currently the acting trustee. The template outlines the necessary steps and provisions to appoint a successor trustee to manage the trust in the event that the current trustee is unable or unwilling to continue their responsibilities. It will typically cover important details such as the selection and acceptance of the successor trustee, the transfer of trustee powers and responsibilities, and any specific terms or conditions that the settlor wishes to include in the appointment. Overall, this template ensures a smooth transition of trustee authority and the ongoing administration of the trust.
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