Appointment of Successor Trustee for Revocable Trust: Settlor is Outgoing Trustee (Georgia)

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This legal template pertains to the appointment of a successor trustee for a revocable trust in the state of Georgia, governed by the laws of the United States. The document is primarily designed for situations where the settlor (the person who formed the trust) is an outgoing trustee and wishes to designate a new individual or entity to take over the role of trustee.

In a revocable trust, the settlor retains the right to modify or revoke the trust during their lifetime. However, circumstances may arise where the settlor can no longer fulfill their trustee responsibilities due to various reasons such as illness, incapacity, or the desire to retire from the role. In such cases, the appointment of a successor trustee is necessary to ensure the seamless administration and management of the trust.

This legal template would provide a structured framework to facilitate the appointment process. It likely includes sections for identifying the trust, specifying the details of the outgoing trustee (the settlor), and outlining the criteria for selecting a successor trustee. The template may also include provisions for specifying the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the successor trustee, as well as an outline of the process for transitioning the trustee role.

Given that this template is specifically tailored to comply with the relevant laws and regulations in the state of Georgia and the broader legal framework of the United States, it ensures that the appointment of a successor trustee is executed in accordance with statutory requirements and legal validity. However, it is important to note that legal templates can only provide a basic starting point, and seeking personalized legal advice to customize and finalize the document is essential to ensure it accurately reflects specific circumstances and adheres to individual requirements.
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