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The legal template "Articles of Organization (Arizona) under USA law" is a standardized document relating to the establishment and registration of a limited liability company (LLC) in the state of Arizona, United States. This template serves as a foundational framework and guide for individuals or parties interested in forming an LLC under the laws and regulations of Arizona.

The document typically includes sections that cover essential details and provisions required by Arizona law. This may include but is not limited to:

1. Name and Purpose: The chosen name for the LLC and a description of its purpose or business activity in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS).

2. Principal Place of Business: The physical address within the state where the LLC's principal place of business is located.

3. Registered Agent: The name and address of the registered agent who will receive legal correspondence and official notices on behalf of the LLC in Arizona.

4. Organizer(s): Information about the individual(s) responsible for filing the Articles of Organization and initiating the LLC formation process.

5. Management Structure: Details on the management structure of the LLC, specifying whether it will be managed by its members or by designated managers.

6. Duration: The intended duration of the LLC, which is typically perpetual unless otherwise stated.

7. Membership: Information regarding the initial members of the LLC, their names, addresses, and respective ownership percentages or units.

8. Effective Date: The desired effective date of the LLC's formation, which can be the date of filing or a later specified date.

9. Signatures: The organizer(s) and/or member(s) must sign the document, certifying its accuracy and acknowledging their responsibilities.

It's important to note that this legal template is specific to Arizona's laws and regulations governing LLCs under the United States legal system. As laws can vary between states, this template is primarily intended for use within the jurisdiction of Arizona and should be customized to comply with any additional requirements or provisions dictated by local law.
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