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The legal template, "Articles of Organization (Minnesota) under USA law," refers to a document provided under the laws of the United States within the state of Minnesota. Specifically, it pertains to the establishment and formation of a limited liability company (LLC) in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in Minnesota.

The template likely contains provisions and sections that assist individuals or entities in organizing and structuring their new LLC. It may cover essential information such as the name and principal place of business of the company, its aims and objectives, the duration of operation, and details about the registered agent and registered office.

Additionally, the template might include sections related to the internal governance of the LLC, such as the roles and responsibilities of the company's managers or members, rules regarding meetings and voting, decision-making processes, and the distribution of profits and losses.

The articles of organization document serves as a legally binding agreement between the members or organizers of the LLC, and it is generally submitted to the appropriate state agency, such as the Minnesota Secretary of State, for official recognition of the LLC's existence.

While the specific contents and formatting may differ based on individual preferences or unique circumstances, the template serves as a framework to ensure compliance with Minnesota state laws and facilitate the efficient creation of an LLC that complies with the legal requirements of the United States.
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