Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenant Against Grantor's Acts (New York)

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The Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenant Against Grantor's Acts (New York) legal template is a document that is specifically designed for use in the state of New York, United States. This template outlines a legal agreement between a grantor (the current owner of a property) and a grantee (the buyer of the property).

Unlike other types of deeds that come with various warranties and assurances, this particular deed, as indicated by its name, does not include any covenants or guarantees from the grantor regarding their ownership history or any potential encumbrances on the property. In simple terms, the grantor is only transferring their ownership rights to the grantee without making any promises or warranties about the property's history or possible legal issues.

While this may seem less secure for the grantee, it is important to note that this type of deed is commonly used in situations where the grantor acquired the property through a foreclosure, tax lien sale, or a similar process that does not provide a clear chain of title. Therefore, the grantor may not be able to make any guarantees about the property's title, condition, or any potential claims against it.

However, it's crucial for both parties to understand that a Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenant Against Grantor's Acts does not absolve the grantor of any fraudulent or illegal actions they may have taken regarding the property. It simply means that the grantor will not provide any assurances or warranties connected to their acts, omissions, or claims against the ownership title. It is highly recommended that the grantee conducts thorough due diligence, such as property inspections, title searches, and other relevant investigations, to ensure they are fully aware of any risks associated with the property.

This legal template serves as a guide for drafting a Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenant Against Grantor's Acts in a manner that complies with the laws and regulations of New York state. It includes sections for detailing the parties involved, property description, consideration (payment or exchange for the property), and signatures of both parties.
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