Certificate of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent of a Corporation (Delaware)

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The legal template for a "Certificate of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent of a Corporation (Delaware)" under USA law is a document that allows a corporation registered in the state of Delaware to formally change its registered office address or registered agent.

In the United States, corporations are required to have a registered office and appointed registered agent who acts as the corporation's representative for official matters such as receiving legal notices, tax documents, and other official correspondence. However, circumstances might arise where a corporation needs to relocate its registered office or replace its registered agent, such as moving to a different state, changing legal representation, or updating contact information.

This certificate provides a standardized and legally recognized format for corporations in Delaware to document and announce the change in their registered office or registered agent. The template typically includes information such as:

1. Corporation details: The legal name, entity type, and identification number of the corporation.
2. Current registered office/agent details: The existing registered office address and the name of the registered agent.
3. New registered office/agent details: The new registered office address or the updated details of the registered agent.
4. Effective date: The date when the change will officially take effect.
5. Signatures and notarization: The document requires the signature of an authorized representative of the corporation, acknowledging the change, and is often required to be notarized to ensure authenticity.

By completing this certificate, corporations comply with Delaware state laws and regulations, informing the government and relevant authorities about their updated registered office or registered agent information. This document helps ensure that the corporation continues to receive crucial legal and administrative communications promptly and remains in compliance with Delaware corporate law.
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