Certificate of Formation (Tennessee)

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A Certificate of Formation (Tennessee) is a legal template that pertains to the formation of a limited liability company (LLC) under United States law, specifically in the state of Tennessee. This document serves as an official record of a newly established LLC, confirming its existence as a separate legal entity.

The Certificate of Formation outlines important details necessary for the LLC's recognition and functioning, such as the company's legal name, business address, registered agent, and purpose of the LLC. Additionally, it may include information regarding the LLC's duration, management structure, and the names and addresses of its initial members or founders.

This legal template acts as a formal application that must be properly completed, filed, and submitted to the appropriate state authority, typically the Tennessee Secretary of State's Office or a similar agency. By providing accurate and complete information, the Certificate of Formation satisfies the statutory requirements for LLC formation in Tennessee and allows the LLC to commence its operations.

Furthermore, this legal document asserts the limited liability protection afforded to the members of the LLC, shielding them from personal liability for the company's debts or obligations. It also establishes the legal foundation for the LLC's governance and operations, including the rights and responsibilities of its members, the decision-making processes, and any limitations or restrictions imposed on the LLC's activities.

Overall, the Certificate of Formation (Tennessee) is a vital legal template that facilitates the creation of an LLC in Tennessee, ensuring compliance with state regulations and providing the necessary framework for its future activities and obligations.
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