Certificate of No Unpaid Common Expenses (6D Certificate) (Massachusetts)

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A Certificate of No Unpaid Common Expenses (6D Certificate) is a legal document commonly used in the state of Massachusetts, United States, to verify the absence of outstanding fees or dues related to a residential property in a condominium association. This certificate is often required during real estate transactions, such as when a property is being sold or refinanced.

The 6D Certificate is issued by the condominium association or their authorized representative and serves as an assurance to potential buyers or lenders that there are no unpaid or delinquent common expenses associated with a specific unit. Common expenses typically include costs for maintenance, repairs, shared utilities, insurance, and other expenses related to the upkeep and management of the common areas and facilities within a condominium complex.

This legal template outlines the necessary information to be included in the Certificate of No Unpaid Common Expenses. It may include details about the condominium association, such as its name and contact information, as well as specific information about the unit in question, such as the unit number and the owner's name.

The document may also specify the time period for which the certificate is valid, usually up to the date of issuance. It typically confirms that all common expenses have been paid up to that date, ensuring that the potential buyer or lender is aware of the financial status of the property.

By providing a Certificate of No Unpaid Common Expenses (6D Certificate), the condominium association helps protect the interests of buyers and lenders by ensuring that they will not be held responsible for any outstanding debts associated with the property. It serves as an important document for confirming the financial stability of a condominium unit and plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth real estate transactions within the state of Massachusetts, in compliance with USA law.
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