Chapter 13 Debtor Questionnaire

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The Chapter 13 Debtor Questionnaire is a legal template designed to gather necessary information and documentation from individuals seeking debt relief under Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. This questionnaire serves as a comprehensive tool for debtors, their attorneys, and the bankruptcy court to assess the debtor's financial circumstances and develop an appropriate debt repayment plan.

The questionnaire typically covers various aspects of the debtor's financial life, including their income, expenses, assets, liabilities, contracts, and financial history. It may require the debtor to provide detailed information about their employment, sources of income, household expenses, outstanding debts, real estate holdings, motor vehicles, personal property, tax returns, and any pending or past legal actions. Additionally, the questionnaire may inquire about the debtor's intentions to retain or surrender certain assets, such as a home or vehicle.

This legal template ensures that debtors comply with the requirement to disclose their financial situation accurately and comprehensively. By gathering and organizing this information, the debtor questionnaire helps attorneys and the bankruptcy court assess the debtor's eligibility for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and determine the feasibility of their proposed repayment plan.

Completing the Chapter 13 Debtor Questionnaire is a vital step in the bankruptcy process, as it aids in the formulation of a fair and practical repayment plan that meets the debtor's financial needs while adhering to the guidelines set forth in the United States Bankruptcy Code.
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