Commencing LCIA arbitration (2020 Rules): request: cover letter

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This legal template provides a cover letter for commencing LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration) arbitration under the updated 2020 Rules, specifically drafted for use within the jurisdiction of the United States of America (USA). The LCIA is a globally recognized institution for the resolution of international disputes through arbitration. This template aims to provide a formal communication to initiate the arbitration process and comply with relevant legal requirements in the USA. It may include essential information such as the identity of the parties, their respective counsels, a summary of the dispute, and any preliminary requests or procedural matters. The template may also incorporate references to applicable US laws, regulations, or contractual provisions to ensure compliance with local legal frameworks. Overall, this cover letter template serves as a professional and organized way to formally request the commencement of an LCIA arbitration process while adhering to the legal requirements of the USA.
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