Engagement (Retainer) Letter: Contingency Fee Arrangement Plaintiff-Side

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An Engagement (Retainer) Letter: Contingency Fee Arrangement Plaintiff-Side under USA law is a legal template that outlines the terms and conditions of an agreement between an attorney or law firm and a client seeking representation for a civil lawsuit in the United States.

This letter focuses specifically on contingency fee arrangements, which mean that the attorney's fees will be paid as a percentage (typically a predetermined percentage) of any financial recovery obtained for the client. In this case, the legal services would be provided on behalf of the plaintiff (the party initiating the lawsuit) rather than the defendant.

The letter would outline the key terms and conditions of the representation, such as:

1. Identification of the parties: It would identify the attorney or law firm and the client, including their contact information.

2. Legal matter description: It would provide a concise description of the legal matter for which the attorney's services are being retained. This could include information about the claim or cause of action, the parties involved, and any relevant dates or events.

3. Scope of representation: The letter would specify the specific services the attorney will provide, such as legal advice, negotiation, drafting legal documents, representation at hearings or trials, and any other necessary actions related to the client's case.

4. Fee structure: This is a crucial aspect of the letter as it outlines the contingency fee arrangement. It would detail the percentage of the recovery that the attorney would receive as their fee, along with any other associated costs or expenses that may be passed onto the client (if applicable). Additionally, it might outline the circumstances where the client may be responsible for certain expenses, even if the case does not result in a successful outcome.

5. Representation duration: The letter would indicate the expected duration of the representation, which may vary depending on the complexity of the case and potential timelines for resolution.

6. Confidentiality: It would reinforce the importance of maintaining client confidentiality and attorney-client privilege throughout the representation.

7. Termination clauses: The letter may include provisions that outline how the agreement can be terminated by either party and under what circumstances.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction: It would specify the applicable laws and jurisdiction that will govern the agreement and any potential legal disputes that may arise.

Overall, this engagement letter is designed to establish a clear understanding between the attorney and the plaintiff-client regarding the terms, responsibilities, and expectations surrounding their legal representation based on a contingency fee arrangement.
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