Engagement (Retainer) Letter: Hourly Fee Arrangement

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This legal template is an Engagement (Retainer) Letter specifically designed for establishing an Hourly Fee Arrangement under USA law. The template serves as a formal agreement between a client and a legal practitioner or law firm, outlining the terms and conditions of their engagement for legal services.

The Engagement (Retainer) Letter covers important aspects such as the scope of legal services to be provided, the attorney-client relationship, billing procedures, and the agreed-upon hourly fee structure. It clarifies that the legal practitioner will charge the client a predetermined hourly rate for the time spent on the client's case or matter.

The letter emphasizes the reciprocal obligations and expectations of both parties, which may include the responsibilities of the client, confidentiality, conflict of interest, and the right of either party to terminate the agreement. It also covers important matters like the treatment of costs and expenses incurred during representation, the applicable taxation, and guidelines for dispute resolution.

Overall, this legal template aims to ensure transparency and establish a solid foundation for the client-attorney relationship, providing an easy and efficient way to document the terms of engagement and maintain a clear understanding of the financial arrangement between the parties involved.
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