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The Fund Management Agreement (Genie AI) is a legal template that outlines the rights and obligations of a fund manager and an artificial intelligence (AI) system called Genie. This agreement provides a framework for the management of investment funds, where Genie AI is specifically employed to assist in decision-making processes.

The template sets forth the scope of services to be provided by Genie AI, including market analysis, investment recommendations, portfolio management, and other related activities. It also outlines the responsibilities of the fund manager in overseeing and implementing these recommendations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the template addresses important matters such as the allocation of investment authority between the fund manager and Genie AI, the access to and protection of confidential information, risk management procedures, and performance monitoring mechanisms. It provides clarity on the fee structure and compensation arrangements, including any revenue-sharing provisions between the parties involved.

Additionally, the template may cover provisions for termination of the agreement, dispute resolution mechanisms, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality obligations. It aims to ensure a transparent and accountable relationship between the fund manager and the AI system, protecting the interests of both parties and potentially the investors in the managed funds.

This Fund Management Agreement (Genie AI) legal template offers a comprehensive framework to govern the interaction between a fund manager and an AI system, providing a clear and structured foundation for their collaboration in managing investment funds.
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