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A Ground Lease (Simple) template refers to a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a lease agreement between a landowner (referred to as the lessor) and a tenant (referred to as the lessee). This type of lease agreement is commonly used in real estate transactions where a tenant is given the right to use a piece of land for a specific purpose, such as commercial or residential development, for an extended period. The template would typically include details about the leased property, the lease term, any rental payments, and other provisions that define the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The simplicity of this template suggests that it is designed for straightforward and uncomplicated ground lease agreements and may not include complex or specialized clauses. It serves as a starting point for the involved parties to draft a legally binding and enforceable agreement that protects their interests while providing the lessee with the necessary use and control over the land for a predetermined period.
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