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The Housemate Agreement (Genie AI) template is a legal document that outlines the agreement between individuals who are planning to live together as housemates. This template is specifically customized to accommodate the use of Genie AI, an artificial intelligence system designed to assist in managing and resolving conflicts that may arise between housemates.

The agreement covers various crucial aspects of communal living, such as rent and utility payments, division of chores, personal spaces, shared responsibilities, and house rules. It also addresses the integration of Genie AI into the living arrangement, detailing how it will be utilized to mediate disputes, keep track of shared expenses, and maintain peace and harmony within the household.

Moreover, this template includes provisions for privacy and data protection, as the presence of an AI system necessitates the gathering and processing of personal information. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties regarding data privacy, usage, and restrictions for Genie AI.

Overall, the Housemate Agreement (Genie AI) template serves as a comprehensive legal tool to establish a clear understanding among housemates, promote harmonious living, and harness the benefits of integrating an AI system into the shared space.
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