Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust for Single Individual: Trust for Children (Massachusetts)

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This legal template relates to the creation and establishment of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) specifically designed for a single individual residing in Massachusetts, United States. The primary purpose of this trust is to provide financial protection and security for the single individual's children in the event of their untimely demise.

The ILIT acts as a separate legal entity, independent from the individual's personal estate, thereby avoiding potential estate taxes and probate issues. Under this legal framework, the individual assigns their life insurance policy to the trust; therefore, the policy's benefits are paid directly to the trust upon their passing. The trust then manages and distributes these insurance proceeds for the direct benefit of the individual's children or named beneficiaries, as specified in the trust document.

This template is designed to adhere to the specific legal requirements and regulations applicable in the state of Massachusetts, as well as general principles of US law. It provides a comprehensive framework for the establishment, administration, and distribution of the trust's assets, ensuring its compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

By utilizing this legal template, single individuals residing in Massachusetts can establish a robust and legally binding mechanism to protect their children and ensure the efficient transfer of life insurance benefits upon their passing. This document helps provide peace of mind by securing the financial future of their children, ensuring their well-being even in the absence of the insured party.
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