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This legal template could be used to outline the terms and conditions related to an irrevocable proxy agreement specifically designed for the use of Genie AI, operating under the jurisdiction of the United States of America. The template would likely cover all the essential provisions, requirements, and limitations that govern the relationship between the party granting the proxy (the "Principal") and the proxy holder (the "Proxy").

The template might start by clearly defining the scope and purpose of the irrevocable proxy, emphasizing that it is established for the purpose of authorizing the Proxy to act on behalf of the Principal in specified matters. It may further detail the specific nature of the authority granted, such as decision-making powers, voting rights in certain contexts, or the ability to bind the Principal to contracts or legal obligations.

The template may outline the conditions under which the Proxy's designation may become effective, including the requirement for the Principal's explicit consent and the precise duration of the proxy agreement. It might include provisions regarding the termination or revocation of the proxy arrangement, potentially specifying the circumstances in which it can be terminated or the limitations on the Principal's power to revoke the proxy prematurely.

To ensure compliance and smooth operation, the template would likely establish obligations and duties for both the Principal and the Proxy. It may outline the responsibilities of each party, including the expectation of acting in good faith, maintaining confidentiality, and adhering to any applicable laws and regulations. The template may also address potential conflicts of interest and establish guidelines for the resolution of such conflicts.

Additionally, the template may provide provisions for indemnification and liability, allocating responsibility between the Principal and the Proxy for any damages, losses, or legal consequences arising from the proxy holder's actions. It may also address the issue of compensation for the Proxy's services, outlining any remuneration or reimbursement terms if applicable.

Other potential provisions that could be included in the legal template might cover dispute resolution mechanisms, governing law, and jurisdiction. These provisions would help stipulate how any conflicts or disputes arising from the irrevocable proxy agreement would be handled and which legal framework would apply.

Overall, this legal template aims to provide a comprehensive framework for establishing an irrevocable proxy relationship with Genie AI, ensuring clarity, legality, and protection of the rights and interests of both the Principal and the Proxy under the jurisdiction of the USA.
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