Letter to Client: Drafts of Wills with Trust for Partner for Unmarried Partners (Pennsylvania)

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This legal template is a letter addressed to a client regarding the creation of wills with a trust for unmarried partners in Pennsylvania, USA, in accordance with the relevant laws governing this jurisdiction. The purpose of the letter is to provide an overview of the documents being drafted and the legal framework behind them.

The template could start by detailing the importance of having a will in place to ensure that the client's assets are distributed according to their wishes after their passing. Given that the client is in an unmarried partnership, the template would emphasize the need to take specific measures to protect the interests of their partner.

To address this, the template would discuss the inclusion of a trust within the will. This trust would allow the client to assign assets or property to their unmarried partner while simultaneously ensuring that the remaining assets are distributed according to their specific instructions.

The letter would also highlight Pennsylvania's legal requirements and regulations surrounding wills and trusts for unmarried partners. It may outline the rights and limitations of unmarried partners under Pennsylvania law, clarifying that the trust serves as a legal mechanism to safeguard assets for the client's partner where legal protections may be limited.

Additionally, the template might indicate the process of establishing the will and trust, including the necessary documentation and steps involved. It could outline the client's role and responsibilities in providing detailed instructions for asset distribution and selecting appropriate trustees to manage the trust.

As a legal template, it would likely conclude by providing information on next steps and timelines, such as scheduling a meeting to review the drafted will and trust documents or requesting specific information and documentation from the client.

Overall, this template aims to guide the client through the process of creating wills with trusts for a partner in Pennsylvania, ensuring their wishes are legally protected and their partner's interests are safeguarded in the event of their passing.
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