Limited Warranty Deed (Ohio)

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A Limited Warranty Deed (Ohio) is a legal template that outlines the specific terms and conditions regarding the transfer of property ownership in the state of Ohio. This document is typically used in real estate transactions where the seller, also known as the grantor, guarantees to the buyer, referred to as the grantee, that they hold clear title to the property and have the authority to sell it. However, unlike a General Warranty Deed that provides extensive warranties, a Limited Warranty Deed only provides limited assurances to the grantee. This legal template includes important provisions such as the identification of the parties involved, a detailed property description, any physical encumbrances or restrictions on the property, and the terms of the limited warranty being provided. It aims to protect both parties involved in the transaction by ensuring that the grantor has conveyed all rights and interests in the property and that the grantee acquires the property without any undisclosed claims, liens, or other defects.
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