LLC Consent (Property Sale) (Manager-Managed) (Minnesota)

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The LLC Consent (Property Sale) (Manager-Managed) (Minnesota) legal template pertains to a specific type of limited liability company (LLC) operating under the jurisdiction of Minnesota, a state within the United States. This template is designed to outline the formal consent required from the managers of an LLC for the purpose of selling a property owned by the company.

The document ensures that all managers of the manager-managed LLC, as specified in its operating agreement, provide their consent to proceed with the sale of a specific property. It includes sections to clearly specify and describe the property in question, including its unique identifiers, such as legal addresses, parcel numbers, or any relevant details necessary for identification and accurate representation.

Furthermore, the template may establish conditions or thresholds that need to be met for the sale to proceed, such as minimum sale price, any necessary approvals from members or other stakeholders, or specific terms for the transaction. Additionally, the consent may explicitly state any indemnifications, relinquishment of rights, or liabilities related to the property sale that the managers agree to assume or waive.

This legal document should conform to the laws and regulations in place in the state of Minnesota and adhere to all relevant provisions pertaining to LLCs, real estate transactions, and other relevant statutes under U.S. law. It is strongly advised to consult with legal professionals or attorneys specializing in business law or real estate matters when utilizing this consent template, as the specifics may need to be tailored to the unique circumstances or specific requirements of the LLC or the particular property sale.
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