LLC Contract (Single Member) (Washington)

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The LLC Contract (Single Member) (Washington) is a legal template designed to establish and formalize the operating agreement between the owner, also known as the member, and their limited liability company (LLC) in the state of Washington, under the scope of United States law.

This legal document sets out the necessary terms and conditions for the formation, structure, and operation of a single-member LLC, providing clear guidelines and provisions to protect the interests of the sole owner. It covers key aspects such as the purpose of the LLC, management, ownership interests, decision-making procedures, and rights and responsibilities of the member.

By utilizing this legal template, the single member can define their ownership rights and clarify the terms surrounding the LLC's formation and management. This contract ensures that both the owner and the LLC are protected by outlining essential legal obligations, including compliance with state laws and regulations, adherence to tax requirements, and provisions for handling disputes or dissolutions.

Overall, the LLC Contract (Single Member) (Washington) provides a robust framework that allows the single member to establish a solid legal foundation for their LLC in Washington State, while also offering the flexibility to tailor the agreement to meet their unique business needs and objectives.
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