Motion by Section 1114(g) of Bankruptcy Code Seeking Modification in Payment of Retiree Benefits

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This legal template refers to a motion filed under Section 1114(g) of the Bankruptcy Code, which is seeking a modification in the payment of retiree benefits.

In bankruptcy cases, when a company files for bankruptcy and has ongoing retiree benefit obligations, Section 1114 of the Bankruptcy Code provides protection for retirees and their benefits. This section establishes a process through which the company must negotiate with the representatives of the retirees to modify or terminate these benefits.

The template likely outlines the specific details of the motion, including the background of the case, the reasons for seeking a modification in payment of retiree benefits, and the legal arguments supporting this request. The motion could also include documentation and evidence that supports the company's financial inability to continue paying the full amount of retiree benefits as initially agreed upon.

The purpose of this legal template is to guide attorneys or parties involved in a bankruptcy case in drafting a motion that seeks to modify retiree benefit payments in light of the company's financial difficulties or inability to fulfill its obligations. The template may provide a framework and structure to help ensure that the motion is well-organized, comprehensive, and compliant with the requirements of Section 1114(g) of the Bankruptcy Code.
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