Motion: Change Vote Under Rule 3018(a)

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This legal template pertains to a motion requesting the court to change or modify a previous vote made under Rule 3018(a). Rule 3018(a) typically refers to a specific provision within a legal code or set of rules, which might vary depending on the jurisdiction or context in which it is being used.

The motion could be filed by either party involved in a legal case or proceeding and seeks to present compelling reasons or newly discovered evidence that justifies the court's reconsideration of a prior decision. It might request a revision in a voting outcome or a change in a ruling based on a specific provision outlined in Rule 3018(a).

The template likely provides a structured format, enabling the party to present their argument to the court in a clear and concise manner. It may include sections for highlighting the background of the case, outlining the previous vote or ruling, providing the reasons for requesting the change, and supporting the arguments with relevant legal precedent or evidence. Additionally, the template could include sections for the proposed alternative outcome or remedy sought by the party filing the motion.
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