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The Non-Employee Director Compensation Plan under USA law is a legal template that outlines the terms and conditions of how non-employee directors of a company will be compensated for their services. In the United States, non-employee directors are individuals who serve on a company's board but are not employed by the company in any other capacity.

This template includes key provisions such as the structure and components of the directors' compensation package, methods of payment, and eligibility criteria. It also addresses important considerations such as the determination of compensation amounts, guidelines for annual increases or adjustments, and the frequency and procedure for reviewing and approving director compensation.

The plan may incorporate various types of compensation, which could include cash retainers, meeting fees, equity-based awards (such as stock options or restricted stock units), and other benefits or perquisites. It may also outline any additional compensation for serving on committees or in key roles within the board.

Additionally, the template may have sections devoted to director performance evaluation, clawback provisions, indemnification and liability protection for directors, disclosure requirements, and any applicable legal and regulatory compliance considerations.

This legal template serves as a framework for companies to establish a fair and competitive compensation package for their non-employee directors while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
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