Notice to Quit and Demand for Possession (Periodic Tenancy, Tenancy at Will, or Tenancy Terminable on Notice) (Commercial/Nonresidential Evictions) (New Jersey)

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This legal template is designed to assist landlords in New Jersey who wish to terminate a commercial/nonresidential tenancy agreement. The document specifically addresses three types of tenancy: periodic tenancy, tenancy at will, and tenancy terminable on notice.

A periodic tenancy refers to an agreement that automatically renews itself for a specific period unless either party provides proper notice to terminate it. A tenancy at will is an arrangement without a fixed duration, in which either party can terminate the agreement by giving notice. Lastly, a tenancy terminable on notice is a lease agreement whereby either the landlord or tenant can terminate the tenancy by giving the required notice as stipulated in the contract.

The template provides a formal "Notice to Quit and Demand for Possession," a legal instrument that notifies the tenant of the intention to terminate the tenancy agreement and demands them to vacate the premises. The specific content of the notice will depend on the type of tenancy being terminated.

It is important to note that this template is tailored for commercial and nonresidential evictions, meaning it is not applicable to residential properties. Additionally, the template is designed to comply with the laws and regulations of the state of New Jersey within the United States.
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