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This legal template for an office sublease (Sub-friendlylandlord Simple) pertains to the agreement between the current tenant of an office space (the sublessor) and a third-party individual or business entity (the sublessee) who wishes to occupy and utilize the office space under certain terms and conditions.

The template is designed to cater to a sub-friendly landlord who supports and allows subleasing arrangements within their leased premises. It outlines the specific details of the sublease, including the start and end dates, rental payment amounts and schedules, security deposit requirements, and any other relevant terms for the sublessee's occupancy.

Additionally, the template may address various provisions related to the rights and obligations of both parties involved. This could include policies regarding alterations or modifications to the office space, maintenance responsibilities, insurance coverage, and any authorized use restrictions imposed on the sublessee.

The primary aim of this legal template is to provide a clear and comprehensive framework for both the sublessor and sublessee, ensuring that their respective rights and obligations are adequately addressed, promoting a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship throughout the sublease term.
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