Officers' Certificate: Executing Supplemental Indenture

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This legal template, titled "Officers' Certificate: Executing Supplemental Indenture," likely pertains to a specific situation involving the execution of a supplementary agreement known as a supplemental indenture. A supplemental indenture is typically a legal document that modifies or adds to the terms and provisions of an existing indenture or contract.

The officers' certificate is a document signed by specific individuals holding official positions within an organization, such as directors, officers or managers, who are authorized to act on behalf of the company. This certificate verifies the execution of the supplemental indenture, thereby providing evidence that the necessary steps for amending the original indenture have been properly taken.

The template's content may include the names and positions of the executing officers, the specific clause(s) or provision(s) being added or modified in the original indenture, and any other relevant information pertaining to the execution of the supplemental indenture. The purpose of this legal document is to ensure compliance with legal formalities and document the authorization and execution of the supplementary agreement.
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