Omnibus Amendment (Genie AI)

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The Omnibus Amendment (Genie AI) refers to a legal template that encompasses a comprehensive set of modifications and amendments specific to a contract, agreement, or legal document that involves the use, licensing, or integration of artificial intelligence technology known as "Genie AI." It is designed to update and provide clarity to existing provisions within the agreement, ensuring compatibility, compliance, and optimal utilization of this advanced AI technology. The Omnibus Amendment (Genie AI) may cover diverse areas such as data rights, ownership, privacy, security, indemnification, liability, performance guarantees, termination conditions, dispute resolution mechanisms, and any other relevant clauses necessary to regulate the rights and responsibilities of the involved parties in a legally enforceable and mutually beneficial manner. By utilizing this template, the parties can ensure that their agreement reflects the evolving nature of their relationship or obligations in relation to Genie AI, addressing potential risks, and safeguarding their respective interests within the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.
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