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A PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) Filing Notice is a legal template used in the United States for the purpose of documenting the initiation of the PERM labor certification process. PERM is a program administered by the Department of Labor (DOL) that allows employers to hire foreign workers on a permanent basis for job positions that cannot be effectively filled by U.S. workers.

The template includes essential information related to the PERM filing, such as the employer's name, address, and contact details, as well as the foreign worker's information, including name, immigration status, and qualifications. It also highlights the job position being offered, the prevailing wage, and the minimum requirements for the position. The notice outlines the intention of the employer to submit the PERM application to the DOL, indicating compliance with the necessary labor market tests, and the steps it will take to recruit U.S. candidates for the position.

This legal document serves as formal communication that notifies interested parties, including potential U.S. employees, labor unions, and government agencies, about the employer's intent to seek permanent labor certification for a specific job opening. It may also include instructions on how to contact the employer or DOL if there are any questions or objections regarding the filing.

The PERM Filing Notice is an important step in the PERM process, enabling transparency and offering an opportunity for interested parties to raise concerns, objections, or provide additional information related to the job opportunity. Thus, this legal template plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with labor certification requirements and promoting fairness in hiring practices involving foreign workers in the United States.
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