Petition in Summary Proceeding to Recover Possession of Real Property (Residential Nonpayment of Rent in New York City) (Evictions) (New York)

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This legal template is a petition that can be utilized in a summary proceeding to recover possession of real property in New York City. Specifically, it addresses cases related to nonpayment of rent in residential properties, with a focus on evictions.

In New York City, landlords are legally entitled to take legal action to recover possession of their property when tenants fail to fulfill their rental payment obligations. This template assists landlords or property owners in initiating the legal process by filing a petition in court.

This petition showcases specific details and arguments related to the nonpayment of rent, highlighting the amount owed and the address of the property in question. Additionally, it includes relevant sections of New York City law and provides the necessary format and structure for the petition.

By utilizing this template, landlords in New York City can expedite their legal proceedings, ensuring they follow the required steps to regain possession of their property in cases of nonpayment. It aims to simplify and streamline the legal process while adhering to New York City's eviction regulations and legal requirements.
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