Pour-Over Will (Pennsylvania)

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A Pour-Over Will (Pennsylvania) is a legal document that is designed to work in conjunction with a Revocable Living Trust. The primary purpose of a Pour-Over Will is to ensure that any assets that have not been transferred to the trust during the grantor's lifetime are "poured over" into the trust upon their death.

This legal template is specifically tailored to comply with the laws and regulations of Pennsylvania, ensuring its validity in the state. The Pour-Over Will outlines the distribution of assets and directs the executor of the will to transfer any remaining assets to the trustee of the Revocable Living Trust. It can also include various provisions such as naming beneficiaries, appointing guardians for minor children, and designating an executor to carry out the instructions stated in the will.

By utilizing a Pour-Over Will, individuals can have peace of mind that their assets will be managed efficiently and distributed according to their wishes while taking advantage of the benefits and flexibility provided by a Revocable Living Trust. This legal template helps to streamline the estate planning process, offering an effective tool for individuals to protect their assets and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth after their passing.
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