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A Pour-Over Will is a legal document commonly used in estate planning, specifically in the state of Texas. This particular template for a Pour-Over Will is tailored to the laws and regulations of Texas.

A Pour-Over Will serves as a crucial component of an individual's comprehensive estate plan. It works in conjunction with a revocable living trust, an entity that is created during the grantor's lifetime and allows for the management and distribution of assets.

The purpose of a Pour-Over Will is to ensure that any assets that were not properly transferred or funded into the trust during the grantor's life will be automatically "poured over" into the trust upon their death. In simpler terms, this legal document establishes that any assets not already in the trust will be added to it, thus ensuring that the trust controls the distribution of the entire estate.

This Texas-specific Pour-Over Will template follows state laws and guidelines to provide clarity and legal validity. It contains provisions that allow the grantor to name the executor of the will, specify beneficiaries, allocate assets to the trust, and outline any specific instructions related to the distribution of the estate.

Overall, this document aims to streamline the distribution process, minimize probate procedures, and ensure that the grantor's wishes regarding asset distribution are carried out efficiently and in accordance with Texas law. It is essential to consult with an attorney to properly complete and review the Pour-Over Will to ensure it aligns with the specific needs and goals of the estate plan.
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