Power of Attorney (South Carolina)

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This legal template is a document that allows an individual, the principal, to grant someone else, known as the attorney-in-fact or agent, the legal authority to act on their behalf in various matters specified in the document. This Power of Attorney form is designed specifically for residents of South Carolina and covers financial, property, and healthcare decisions. It authorizes the designated agent to handle tasks such as managing bank accounts, real estate transactions, tax filings, legal proceedings, healthcare choices, and other important affairs as outlined in the document. The template lists the specific powers granted to the agent, including any limitations or conditions set by the principal. It also includes provisions for revoking or terminating the Power of Attorney, as well as instructions on witness signatures and notarization, ensuring the document's validity and enforceability. This Power of Attorney template provides South Carolina residents with a legal tool to effectively designate a trusted person to act on their behalf and make crucial decisions when they are unable or unavailable to do so themselves.
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