Praecipe for Writ of Possession (Confession of Judgment in Ejectment) (Pennsylvania)

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A Praecipe for Writ of Possession (Confession of Judgment in Ejectment) is a legal document specific to Pennsylvania that pertains to an legal action involving the recovery of possession of property. This template is likely used when a party has obtained a judgment or court order allowing them to take possession of certain property, typically real estate, from another party.

The term "Confession of Judgment in Ejectment" indicates that the party against whom the judgment has been entered may have voluntarily confessed to the judgment, admitting their failure to comply with an agreement or obligation related to the property. This template would provide a standardized format to complete the necessary details and requirements to execute the writ, requesting court permission to gain possession of the property awarded in the judgment.

The template is likely formatted to meet the specific requirements of Pennsylvania law and should include sections for the parties involved in the case, the case number, court information, and appropriate legal language describing the facts of the case, the terms of the judgment, and the relief sought. It likely includes instructions for the appropriate court clerk to issue the writ and for the appropriate law enforcement authorities to execute it, thereby enabling the successful party in the case to take physical possession of the property in question.

The Praecipe for Writ of Possession (Confession of Judgment in Ejectment) template serves as a pre-drafted legal document created to streamline the legal process and provide a convenient tool for lawyers or individuals involved in possession-related legal proceedings in Pennsylvania.
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