Purchaser's Addendum to Residential Purchase and Sale Contract (Massachusetts)

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The Purchaser's Addendum to Residential Purchase and Sale Contract (Massachusetts) is a legal template designed to be used within the framework of US law, particularly applicable to the state of Massachusetts. This addendum serves as an additional document or attachment to a standard Residential Purchase and Sale Contract, providing further terms and conditions that are specific to the buyer's interests and requirements.

The purpose of this addendum is to modify or supplement the existing contract by addressing various aspects of the property transaction from the buyer's perspective. The template is structured to protect the purchaser's rights and clarify their obligations during the purchase of residential real estate in Massachusetts, providing a more comprehensive agreement that covers specific contingencies and conditions unique to the buyer's situation.

Typically, this addendum includes provisions related to financing and mortgage contingencies, inspection and repair requests, property disclosures, and the resolution of any potential disputes that may arise during the transaction process. It may also cover aspects such as escrow deposits, closing costs, title examination, and the allocation of expenses between the buyer and the seller.

By utilizing this legal template, buyers can ensure that their interests are properly accounted for within the context of the Residential Purchase and Sale Contract. This addendum serves as an additional layer of protection, providing clarity and offering recourse in case of any unforeseen issues or complications that may arise during the real estate purchase transaction under the laws of Massachusetts and the United States.
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