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The Recruiting Services Agreement (Genie AI) under USA law is a comprehensive template that outlines the terms and conditions governing the relationship between a company and a recruiting service provider known as Genie AI. This legal document establishes the framework and responsibilities for the recruiting services that Genie AI will provide to the company.

The agreement begins by defining the scope of services, where Genie AI undertakes to assist the company in identifying, screening, and recommending potential candidates for employment positions. It also specifies the timeframe and location where the services will be rendered.

The document includes provisions regarding fees and payment terms, outlining the compensation structure for Genie AI's services. This typically involves a combination of upfront fees and contingent fees based on the successful placement of candidates.

To safeguard both parties' interests, the agreement includes confidentiality and data protection clauses. These ensure that any sensitive information exchanged during the recruitment process remains confidential and that both parties commit to complying with relevant data protection laws.

The template also addresses the ownership and use of intellectual property, clarifying that any proprietary information, technology, or software developed by Genie AI during the provision of services remains its sole property.

Further provisions cover termination rights and obligations, including the process for terminating the agreement and the consequences of such termination on ongoing services or fee payments.

Importantly, as this agreement is crafted under USA law, it includes choice of law and jurisdiction clauses to determine the governing law and the court or arbitration venue in the event of any disputes between the parties.

Overall, the Recruiting Services Agreement (Genie AI) under USA law is a valuable legal tool that ensures both the company and Genie AI understand their rights, obligations, and expectations when engaging in a relationship for recruitment services.
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