Restaurant Lease (Shopping Center) (Net Lease) (Landlord-friendly Long Form with Tenant-friendly Optional Provisions)

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This legal template is a comprehensive agreement designed for restaurant owners who are looking to lease a space within a shopping center. The template follows a net lease structure, which means the tenant is responsible for paying a base rent amount along with additional expenses such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.

The lease agreement is primarily designed to protect the interests of the landlord, offering them a transparent and landlord-friendly long-form document with clear terms and conditions. However, the template also includes several optional provisions that cater to the tenant's interests, allowing them to negotiate certain terms and potentially make the lease agreement more tenant-friendly. These optional provisions can be customized and added based on the specific needs and preferences of the tenant.

The template covers a wide range of aspects including rent payments, lease term, renewal options, permitted uses of the space, maintenance responsibilities, insurance requirements, eviction procedures, default and remedies, and assignment and subletting terms.

By utilizing this legal template, restaurant owners can establish a comprehensive lease agreement that addresses both the landlord's and tenant's interests, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial agreement for both parties involved.
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