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The Right of First Refusal Agreement is a legal template designed for use with the assistance of Genie AI. This agreement ensures that an individual or company is given the opportunity to purchase a particular asset or property before it is offered to others. As per this agreement, the owner of the asset or property must approach the individual or company with the right of first refusal, providing them with the option to acquire the asset on the same terms and conditions offered to any third party. This legal template serves as a comprehensive tool to outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties involved, including the procedure for exercising the right of first refusal, the timeframe within which the individual or company must respond, and the consequences of declining the offer. Through the integration of AI technology, this template further streamlines the drafting process by providing suggestions, language recommendations, and ensuring legal compliance. The Right of First Refusal Agreement (Genie AI) allows parties to establish a fair and exclusive opportunity for one party to acquire a desired asset or property, while providing a structured legal framework to safeguard the interests of both parties involved.
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