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The Sales Agency Agreement (Genie AI) is a legal template designed to outline the terms and conditions between a company or individual ("Principal") and a sales agency ("Agent") operating under the integration of Genie AI technology. This agreement aims to establish a clear understanding of the relationship, roles, and responsibilities of both parties involved in the sales process.

The template covers essential aspects, including the scope of the agreement, geographical limitations, exclusivity terms, and the duration of the agency relationship. It also addresses commission structure, payment terms, and the agent's obligations to promote, market, and sell the specified products or services utilizing Genie AI technology as a sales tool.

Furthermore, the agreement sheds light on the Principal's obligations, such as providing training materials, product information, and necessary support to the Agent. It outlines the reporting requirements and data confidentiality, ensuring protection of sensitive information.

The Sales Agency Agreement (Genie AI) template further addresses termination provisions, specifying conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement, and the procedures to be followed during such termination. It also includes clauses related to dispute resolution, governing law, and jurisdiction, ensuring a structured legal framework.

By utilizing this legal template, parties engaging in sales agency services can clearly define their rights, responsibilities, and expectations, promoting a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship while leveraging the advanced capabilities of Genie AI technology.
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