Section 253 Affidavit (Voluntary Not-For-Profit Hospital) (New York)

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The Section 253 Affidavit (Voluntary Not-For-Profit Hospital) (New York) is a legal template that pertains to the documentation requirements for a voluntary not-for-profit hospital operating in New York under Section 253 of the New York State Public Health Law. This affidavit is commonly used by hospitals to establish their not-for-profit status and to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

The document is designed to be completed by the hospital's management or legal representatives and contains relevant information about the organization, its governance structure, and its financial operations. It may require details such as the hospital's mission statement, board of directors' composition, tax-exempt status, and any affiliations or partnerships with other healthcare organizations.

By completing and submitting the Section 253 Affidavit, the hospital is confirming its voluntary not-for-profit status and affirming its commitment to providing healthcare services for the benefit of the community. Additionally, the affidavit helps demonstrate the hospital's compliance with essential legal and regulatory obligations, such as maintaining financial transparency, adhering to ethical standards, and serving the needs of underserved populations.

This legal template ensures that hospitals operating as voluntary not-for-profit entities in New York abide by the state's specific requirements to maintain their tax-exempt status. It serves as a vital document for establishing credibility and transparency, particularly when seeking funds and grants from government agencies, private donors, or other organizations involved in healthcare philanthropy.

It is essential for hospitals to regularly review and update the Section 253 Affidavit to reflect any changes in their organizational structure or other significant developments. By doing so, hospitals can maintain their compliance with state laws pertaining to not-for-profit healthcare institutions and continue fulfilling their mission to provide quality healthcare services to the community they serve.
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