Seller Estoppel Certificate (Commercial Property Purchase and Sale)

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The Seller Estoppel Certificate (Commercial Property Purchase and Sale) is a legal template that aims to provide a record of the representations made by the seller of a commercial property during the transaction process. An estoppel certificate is a document signed by the seller that provides assurances and verifies certain facts related to the property being sold.

This legal template is typically used in commercial real estate transactions, particularly when there is a change in ownership. It ensures that the new buyer has a clear understanding of the current state of the property and any agreements that may exist between the seller and third parties.

The Seller Estoppel Certificate usually includes information such as the seller's name and contact details, specific details about the property being sold, and any relevant lease agreements or other contracts associated with the property. It may also include statements related to the absence of any undisclosed liabilities or pending legal actions against the property.

By signing the estoppel certificate, the seller declares that the information provided is accurate and complete, and that they have not misrepresented any facts about the property. This document serves as evidence of the seller's representations and can be crucial in resolving any potential disputes or negotiations that may arise during the property purchase and sale process.

Ultimately, the Seller Estoppel Certificate helps to protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller in a commercial property transaction, ensuring transparency and providing a reliable record of the seller's statements and commitments.
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