Seller's Addendum to Residential Purchase and Sale Contract (Massachusetts)

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The Seller's Addendum to Residential Purchase and Sale Contract (Massachusetts) is a legal document that serves as an annex or supplement to the main contract in a residential real estate transaction in the state of Massachusetts. This template is specifically designed for sellers who wish to incorporate additional terms, conditions, or provisions that are unique to their property or situation.

The addendum allows sellers to modify or supplement certain aspects of the original purchase and sale contract to meet their specific requirements, concerns, or contingencies. It may include provisions related to the disclosure of property defects, special financing arrangements, specific deadlines, repairs or improvements to be made before closing, or alterations to the purchase price or financing terms. The seller may use this addendum to include clauses related to unique circumstances such as the inclusion or exclusion of certain items or fixtures from the sale, or stipulations related to post-closing possession or rent-back agreements.

When the seller presents the addendum to the buyer, it becomes a negotiating tool where both parties can agree upon, modify, or reject these additional terms. Once the buyer and seller reach a mutually agreeable addendum, it is typically incorporated into the main purchase and sale agreement as an integral component of the overall transaction.

It is essential for both buyers and sellers to carefully review this addendum, seeking legal advice if necessary, to ensure that the additional terms protect their respective interests and align with state-specific regulations governing real estate transactions in Massachusetts. This legal template serves as a helpful tool for sellers, enabling them to customize the primary contract and address any unique considerations related to the sale of their residential property.
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