Seller's Affidavit (Ohio)

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A Seller's Affidavit (Ohio) is a legal template document typically used in real estate transactions in the state of Ohio. This affidavit is completed and signed by the seller of a property to provide certain declarations and assurances related to the property being sold.

The affidavit serves as a formal statement of fact or verification of information from the seller to the buyer, and may also be used by the buyer's lender or title company to ensure that there are no undisclosed issues or liabilities associated with the property.

The contents of the Seller's Affidavit (Ohio) can vary, but it typically includes information such as the seller's full name, contact details, and a declaration of their ownership rights to the property. It may also include a statement regarding any liens or encumbrances on the property, outstanding judgments or lawsuits, unpaid taxes, and any pending legal disputes that may affect the title or possession of the property.

Additionally, the seller may affirm statements regarding the property's physical condition, known defects, compliance with zoning and building codes, and the absence of hazardous substances or nuisances on the premises. Sellers often disclose any known material defects or issues that could potentially impact the property's value or pose risks to the buyer.

By signing the Seller's Affidavit (Ohio), the seller attests to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, and acknowledges that any false statements or omissions may have legal consequences. It is an essential document in the real estate transaction process as it helps establish transparency and build trust between the parties involved, protecting the buyer's interests while ensuring the seller's compliance with legal requirements.
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