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This legal template titled "Services Contract (Customer-friendly) (New York)" is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions governing the provision of services between a service provider and a customer. The template has been specifically designed to cater to the interests and concerns of the customer, ensuring fairness and transparency.

The agreement serves as an agreement between both parties, establishing the scope and nature of the services to be provided, including any specific deliverables, timelines, or milestones. It also outlines the compensation structure, payment terms, and any additional fees or expenses associated with the services.

Key provisions within the template cover confidentiality and data protection, ensuring the customer's sensitive information is safeguarded. It may also incorporate intellectual property clauses, defining ownership rights over any work product or materials produced during the provision of services.

The template further outlines liability and indemnification, setting forth the responsibilities of both parties in case of any damages or breaches. It typically includes dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration or mediation, helping to establish a fair resolution process in case of any disagreements or conflicts.

The Services Contract template is tailored for businesses operating within the state of New York, incorporating specific legal requirements and regulations of the jurisdiction. It ensures compliance with relevant state laws and helps the customer be well-informed about their rights, fostering a transparent and mutually beneficial business relationship between the parties involved.
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